Kickoff 2022 3D model for the fans remains the great hope of football managers

This quote does not come from a motivational training course for prospective mental coaches, but from the legendary coach Sepp Herberger. he was right. But if he had guessed that in 2022 Anstoss fans had been waiting for a worthy successor to Anstoss 3 for more than 20 years and that the German football manager was almost threatening to die out as a scarce species among all the FIFAs and football managers, then he would probably have asked, shrugging his shoulders, what a football manager on the PC is. Because there were no PC or manager games in 1954 – the year in which Germany became soccer world champion for the first time under Josef Sepp Herberger.

Why is that important? Because our first preview in July 2020 for kickoff 2022 felt like an eternity ago. Added to this was the break with publisher Kalypso, and when the promised beta release on Kickstarter dragged on and on, the backers loudly expressed their displeasure in the comments and on social media.

Managing Director, chief developer, and founder of 2tainment Stefan Weyl also admits in an exclusive interview about the chaotic beta phase of Anstoss 2022: We were a bit naïve, to be honest.

Weyl and other employees answered my questions for around two hours and showed me all the essential components of kickoff 2022 in detail. A promising sign for the upcoming release in Early Access this fall. But a lot is not final yet – not even the 3D game scenes that were confirmed for the first time.

A push by fans for fans
The good news first: Anstoss 2022 does not see itself as the successor to Anstoss 2007 or Gerald Köhler’s football manager from EA but is a project by former Anstoss developers and fans of Anstoss 2 and Anstoss 3. In addition, there is close cooperation with the still very active kick-kickoff unit and the fans’ decisive say in the game’s development.

An excellent example of how important the fans’ opinion is to the developers is the hot-seat mode, which should have favored a supposedly more contemporary online multiplayer for up to eight players. Stefan Weyl:

“We took the [hot-seat mode] out again without any ill will because we said the online mode would replace it.”

But that was met with little approval from the fans. Therefore, the developers are currently considering integrating the hot-seat mode in addition to the planned multiplayer via client-server architecture – and then mapping it right away with Steam Remote Play Together.

The first impression counts
In the main menu, we choose our favorite club from the first four leagues in Germany, England, Italy, France, or Spain, start a real manager career in which we work our way to the top, or create our club right away. In addition, we also find the editor here, with which we can quickly and easily adapt to the club and the players.

Once the selection has been made, character creation and pre-season follow, in which we plan our balance sheets in the usual Anstoss 3 manner, negotiate sponsorship contracts (which can now also be terminated again) and set a whole range of other settings, such as ticket prices and jersey design, as well as hire new employees.

When we’re done with that, we get to the manager’s office – the central interface of our association. Depending on the league affiliation, it should differ visually. Alternatively, we switch off the office view completely and only navigate in the classic menu structure.

Aside from the menu being on the left instead of the bottom and some menu items being regrouped, thKickoffoff three lives and breathes. However, unlike the cult classic kickoff off, 2022 brings us to the HQ instead of the lineup menu at the start of the week. All events of the last few days and the preparation for the coming week are available for us here.

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