The development of a Russian game about the war with Poland 1609 is announced

The Novosibirsk studio Cyberia Limited received a cash grant from the ANO “Institute for the Development of the Internet” in the amount of 260 million rubles for the development of video games about the period of troubled time in Russia. The declared genre of the future product is Action-RPG, and the estimated release date is 2024.

Animated History of Poland
According to the plot, players will take part in battles against the Polish invaders, taking on the role of the hero of the book “Yuri Miloslavsky, or Russians in 1612” by Mikhail Zagoskin. Together with Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, the prince will have to cleanse the Russian land from the invaders.

According to Alexei Komtsev, an employee of the Cyberia Limited studio, the team is inspired by the game Ghost of Tsushima. Well, not the worst source of inspiration, in our opinion. troubled time will carefully monitor the fate of the project.

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