Sonic Frontiers: Good evaluations are the desired goal

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to come onto the market in 2022 and, according to Sega, a specific goal for the game is good ratings. Sonic Forces, Sonic Boom and Sonic Lost World were not particularly popular with both the specialist press and fans. Especially after the very popular titles Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations , the next three larger Sonic games were anything but popular. This should now change with Sonic Frontiers. This aspect was recently talked about in a Q&A session for investors and analysts.

Specifically, the question was thrown into the room as to whether Sonic Frontier’s specific goals were in terms of review scores. The current SEGA-Sammy CEO Haruki Satomi and the CFO Koichi Fukazawa answered this question as follows: “We have set ourselves internal goals because the correlation between evaluations and sales is very high in Europe and North America. If the game gets good ratings, then it can be a must-buy game, and therefore possibly create a synergy with the sales, which is why we are currently working hard on the quality of the game, which should appear for the Christmas business.

How relevant are the ratings really?

This train of thought makes sense, but at the same time there are voices in the industry which rates classified as significantly less important. We recently reported on statements by the Saber CEO Matthew Karch, according to which ratings would no longer sell games. It is interesting that an average to below average game such as Sonic Forces was a success, according to Sega. At least this emerges from the report on the third financial quarter of 2018.

as influential as Sonic Adventure?

With a targeted open-world concept, Sonic Frontiers is making a new way for the series. In our editorial team, skepticism is quite great whether and how this concept can work successfully. Takashi IIZUKA spoke of the goal of creating a similarly influential game as Sonic Adventure once on the Dreamcast. So far, however, there is no real gameplay material for Sonic Frontiers that could demonstrate this influence.

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In any case, the brand can currently look forward to great success at the box office. After all, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the most successful video game adaptation in the history of the US cinema. In addition, a collection of old Sonic classics comes onto the market in June. So far, however, this knew how to speak through negative headlines about questionable special editions and the removal of individual Sonic classics from online stores.

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By Simon Hoffmann
05/22/2022 at 1:49 p.m.

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