Psychedelic horror on a secluded island, The Chant revealed

Koch Media announced on the 17th that it has released the new psychedelic horror game, The Chant, produced by Brass Token and distributed by Prime Matter.

THE CHANT Teaser Trailer REACTION (Oh yeah.. THIS SOME CULT SH*T!) ????

The chant vividly portrays the dark side of the mental world where shattered the limits of reality. It is a third -person single -play -based horror action adventure game, set in a spiritual religious organization located on a distant and tranquil island. The goal of the game is to open the door connected to the dimension of the nightmare called ‘Gloom’ after the spiritual consciousness failed, and survives the numerous prisms of the dimensional doors.

The beings at the dimension of Gloom eats negative energy and make people go crazy. The player must come back in the Global level by refining the mind, the mind, and the body and returning the failed consciousness. In the process, you can vividly experience the fear of the psychedelic that you haven’t experienced before.

The Chant will be released this fall on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It is not yet clear whether it is supported by Korean language, but the teaser video contains Korean subtitles.

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