How to play a multiplayer game with friends in V Riding

For a multi -user game with friends in V Rising, you need to either join the server or place the server yourself. If you join the server, you and your friends can play together in a multi -user game, having joined the same server as you. After joining the same server, you will need to meet in the game.

But if you prefer to play on the server only with friends, you can do this by placing Private game . To hold a private game, click the “Play” button in the main menu. This will lead you to the screen on which the following parameters will be presented:

Online game *: V Rising has two network modes: PVP and PVE. The selection of a network game will allow you to choose between PVP and PVE game modes.
HOST SECULATED SERVER : The HOST DEDICATED Server option allows users to place servers on their computers or rent them through an affiliate site.
Private game : **** A private game allows you to place a game on your server and invite friends through Steam.

We recommend organizing a private game, as this is the easiest of the available options. By choosing a “private game”, you will fall on the page shown on the image below, filled with several server options. We recommend viewing these server parameters and configure them in accordance with our taste and game preferences.

You install user settings by pressing the “advanced game settings.” When you finish the choice of settings, click Save in the lower right corner return to the previous page and click the “New Game”. After starting the game, your friends can join you by clicking your name in the Steam Friends list, or you can invite them through Steam. If you want to invite your friends, click their names with your right mouse button and select invite you to the game to invite your friends.

Explanation of all online games in V Rising

V Rising Early Access Co-op Gameplay (New Sandbox Survival)
Currently, V Rising has four online games modes. Each offers unique experience for PVP or PVE players with various settings and rules. Below is an explanation of each of these online games in V Rising.

PVE: * Game mode PVE is exactly what you expect from V Riding. In short, this is all the content from the PVP mode, but players can fight or raid on each other.
PVP: PVP game mode in V Rising allows players to fight with the environment and participate in raids and PVP in certain periods.
Full pvp: Full Loot PVP exactly the same PVP game mode, but without rules. Players can completely conquer each other’s castles, raid goods and fight with each other without restrictions.
* Duo PVP: The Duo PVP game mode is similar to the standard PVP game mode, but limits the size of the clan with two people.

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