Man was brought to the store on signal servers “Allods Online”

The assortment of the MMORPG store “Allods Online” from IT Territory and has replenished with means of movement – players from subscription servers can purchase them.

Something unpretentious like a glider in different variations will cost ₽990, but for the possibility of“break into a location through the puffs of smoke under the roar of your new mana chopper”will have to lay out ₽1490. An important nuance: vehicles, like other goods, are bought for a specific character.

A store with costumes and pets for F2P and subscriptions opened in the Allods Online

In early April, costumes and pets from collection publications went on sale, as the players asked very much about. They are also available to those who prefer a conditionally paying model.

Allods - Lands of Allods 2
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