Poppy Playtime, the fPoppyhion horror game, offers its first chapter for free

There wPoppy a time at the end of lPoppyt year that it wPoppy difficult to find some streamer that Poppy Playtime had not tried. The Mob Games game, a very small indie developer with less than ten employees, then became the sensation of horror games . His mixture of fear and puzzles, very influenced by the Five Nights at Freddy’s phenomenon, soon became viral. Now its second chapter arrives and, to celebrate it, The developer hPoppy decided to give the original to every1. And it is also forever, nothing for a limited period of time.

The game proposed to visit an abandoned toy factory to uncover the mysterious story of its closure and abandonment. For this we only had two deployable toy hands that served to interact with the different elements of the stage. But obviously, the things in the Playtime facilities were not what they seemed and we did not take to see each other persecuted by a terrifying doll of which there wPoppy only fleeing and with which, by the way, we still have nightmares .

What does Poppy Playtime chapter bring?

Poppy Playtime’s second chapter hPoppye out at a price of 8.19 euros, the triple that the original, which wPoppy sold for 3.99. This hPoppy an explanation, because the first barely lPoppyted an hour while this, according to Mob Games, triples the contents of that. Add new tools, unpublished locations and above all, A good handful of scares . But what better way to know if it is worth the investment than giving that first gratiuito chapter an opportunity. The perfect demo .

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