Elden Ring: All bounty hunters orders in Haus Vulkan

In this guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • How you get to the bounty hunter orders in Elden Ring
  • Which opponents await you there…
  • … and what the rewards look like

Haus Vulkan offers you a number of bounty hunter orders in Elden Ring. You should switch off the hazardous stained stained **. To do this, you have to complete some exciting duels and receive armor sets, weapons, talismans and lots of runes. In this guide we guide you through the orders.

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Haus Vulkan: Accept bounty hunter orders

If you followed Ryas Quest (Guide) and joined the Haus Vulkan, the bounty hunter orders begin. Take the offer from Lady Tanith in conversation and she gives you the key to the social room . This goes into the corridor and locks the second room on the left.

In it you will meet Rya and the recruitment Bernahl . Confirms the knight in the dialogue that she understands his words and then goes to the big table. There is the first letter from Haus Vulkan, in which you will find information about the first destination.

bounty hunter orders – destination number 1: Istvan, the old knight

Travel to Limgrave to the war champion’s hut and from there to the north under the tower bridge. In front of the building you can see a red time. Activates it and your invaded Istvan’s world. The knight is a strong and robust duels . With clever alternative rollers and fast attacks or magic and calls from a distance, you quickly have it under control.

The following items leaves Istvan, the old knight:

  • Disadition set
  • Rune arches
  • Krummfinger medicine
  • 828 runes

Run back to the Haus Vulkan and speak to Tanith. She hands you the reward “Magmaschuss” (magic) **. In the social room you talk to Bernahl again. It offers himself as a dealer for talents.

bounty hunter orders – destination number 2: rileigh the idle

In the second letter from Haus Vulkan, Rileigh is the destination as the goal. You can find him in the Altus-Plateau on the street, which leads to the Schattenburg . Rileigh is a crossbowmat with sword. Go to the direct duel and attack him with massive blows. He doesn’t have much to oppose them.

The following items leaves Rileigh the inactive:

  • Crepu’s Phiole (Talisman who makes you silent)
  • Epidemic bolts
  • Rune arches

Tanith/Rya/Patches/Bernahl - Questline Guide & How To Complete All Volcano Manor Quests Elden Ring
* Krummfinger medicine
* 828 runes

Tanith presents you with the weapon “snake bone blade”. In conversation, she clarifies you about the real conditions in Haus Vulkan. If you continue to be so hardworking, visit you soon Prince Rykard . Rya has now disappeared from the social room. For this, Recusant Bernahl is presenting a letter.

bounty hunter orders – destination number 3: Vargram and Wilhelm

Bernahl’s letter contains two destinations: Vargram and Wilhelm are in the royal capital Leyndell. You meet them at the place of grace in the fortified property. If you touch the invasion times, join Bernahl in battle . Vargram is a nimble duels. If you don’t get it, try to tame him with frost or sleep. Wilhelm is a magician and quickly to crack with heavy attacks.

The following items leave Vargram and Wilhelm back:

  • Arms set of the bloody wolf
  • 659 runes

Back in Haus Vulkan you can leave out the conversation with Lady Tanith this time. Instead, goes directly to recusant Bernahl. As a reward, he gives you the magic “Gelmir’s anger” .

bounty hunter orders – destination number 4: Juno Hoslow, knight of the blood

Take the red letter from the table in the social room. This time the journey goes to the giants’ mountain peaks. Juno Hoslow, knight of the blood awaits you in front of the sublime’s hut. Caution: Immediately before the invasion of the invasion, a struggle rages between bats and semi -people. You should clear the area beforehand so that the beasts don’t get in your way.

Hoslow is a pretty crispy opponent. With his two iron flips, it triggers blood loss and has a good reach. Raise yourself against cutting damage and with a strong sign. Hoslow keeps teleporting back and forth at lightning speed, which makes him a difficult goal. Magic and calls usually take too long. Dodging nimble and fast attack combinations lead to victory.

The following items leaves Juno Hoslow back:

  • 974 runes
  • Rune arches
  • Krummfinger medicine
  • Hoslow arms set
  • Hoslows flower whip (weapon)

In Haus Vulkan, Lady Tanith rewards you with the Talisman “Kamee der Räuber” and offers you a meeting with Prince Rykard. This ends in a gigantic double boss fight. In our Elden Ring Boss guide to Rykard, Prince of Blasphemy we show you how you defeat the Lord of Haus Vulkan.

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