Legends of Aria will become a classic, and on NFT

As a result of rebranding, Legends of Aria will separate from the current version, which will be renamed to Legends of Aria Classic. The developer of Citadel Studios announced the update and restart of the game, as well as the opening of a closed alpha version for subscribers, which will begin next week.

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Not so long ago, Citadel Studios announced that Legends of Aria will become a project “Play to Earn” format (play to earn), in which players will be able to earn thanks to NFT and blockchain.

Access to a closed alpha version will open on May 11, 2022. If you have a subscription and you will pass a quest line in the alpha test, you can earn unique items that will also go into the final release. The final restart of the game is scheduled for October. Developers are going to conduct closed beta testing in June and open beta testing in July. A new restrained version will be a blockchain version based on a signature model of distribution.

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