Added difficulty options and costumes! “Master -Father -SIFU-” Update 1.08 Delivery started

Sifu????Update 1.09 aka 1.009 - DIFFICULTY SETTINGS
Sloclap has launched a update 1.08 including new content of Kung Fu Action “ Master -SIFU –“. In this update, “Difficulty Options”, “Costume Change Function”, “Tring Mode Enhancement”, “UI Dark Mode”, etc. are added.

As the difficulty option is announced in advance, in addition to the conventional difficulty “Disciple”, you can choose “Student” which is overall simplified and “Master”, which increases the difficulty of games. It will be like that. In addition, the costume change function can be used in Takeseki, and at this time it is possible to unlock the second place skin, and one more user who purchased the Deluxe Edition will be added.

In addition, in the training mode, general enemies and bosses can be released at the same time, not only has the addition of dark mode and UI improvement, but also improves the play environment such as 5.1ch sound system and 21: 9 format resolution. It is.

Please check the patch notebook for details such as bug correction. In addition, 2022 Content Road Maps, including the addition of new costumes after summer, are also available.

“My Father -Sifu-” is being distributed for PS5/PS4/PC (Epic Games Store).

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