Pacult does not let good hair on rangnick

Coach Peter Pacult from the Austrian Bundesliga club Austria Klagenfurt has sharply criticized Ralf Rangnick to the Austrian team boss. “It is disappointing and incomprehensible that it has not become an Austrian for the third time in a row. Andi Herzog has to appear, Peter Stöger has been put off. We are somehow the only nation that does not put your own trainer,” said Pacult the “Kronen Zeitung”.

“What do we train new coaches every year when they are never in question?” Asked the coach. The internationally recognized Rangnick was unanimously voted to succeed his compatriot Franco Foda on Friday by the ÖFB Presidium and received a contract for temporarily two years. Previously, the Swiss Marcel Koller trained the ÖFB team.

pacult with little good memories of rangnick

Pacult found no positive words about Rangnick. He “had a lot of clubs in the dispute,” said the Klagenfurt coach, “former coaching colleagues can only sing a song about it when Rangnick was their sports director”. As a coach, Rangnick had “mainly successful with financially strong clubs” except for Ulm. “I find it strange that he can continue to work as a consultant at Manchester United,” said Pacult.

Have the Austrian officials been watching Man United? - Steve Nicol on Ralf Rangnick | ESPN FC

In the future, Rangnick will work in a double function as a consultant at the “Red Devils” and team boss in Austria. He is considered a mastermind of the Red Bull game philosophy, was responsible for sports director in Salzburg from 2012 to 2015 and also for the development of RB Leipzig. He also made sure that Pacult had to go as a Leipzig coach in 2012. He “didn’t even manage to contact me and tell me that I am no longer a coach,” said Pacult: “You should expect that from a man, from a sports director.

pacult is annoyed by the term “rb style”

Rangnick is also “like one professor who wants to instruct others,” said Pacult and remembered a scene from the sports studio in 1998: “He started to explain the chain of four. Nobody could listen to it anymore.” The term “RB style” is also not well received by Pacult. “It comes to me when I hear the word RB style. Because everyone forgets Ernst Happel, who already shaped this style of play in the 70s and 80s – forechecking, early pressing on the opposing sixteen. That is nothing new”, he said.

Hans Krankl had also recently commented critically. “I would like to have Peter Stöger or Andi Herzog. This solution comes for me and I think very surprising for many.” Stöger said about the decision: “The ÖFB found a good coach. Like its predecessor Franco Foda, I also keep my fingers crossed for Ralf Rangnick to be successful with the Austrian national team.”

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