Günter Netzer leads Germany to the first victory in Wembley

Without the battered overath, Vogts and Schnellinger, the DFB selection as a clear outsider went into the last qualification round, the quarter-final first leg against England. The winner after both games can take part in the European Championship end tournament, which only four nations will be played.

After a hectic start of the start, in which they did not always make the safest impression, Germans expected on the defensive, the events in the famous Wembley Stadium, where they were still 2: 4 (n. V in the 1966 World Cup final (n. V..). Above all, Netzer played the quick game of the eleven of national coach Helmut Schön.

Hoeneß achieves the lead

In the 26th minute, the courageous approach finally paid off: As a result of a mistake by Captain Moore, Held laid the young Hoeneß in the penalty area, against whose deflected shot keeper Banks could not do. And even after the deserved 1-0, Germany remained in attack, especially the advances of Netzer and Libero Beckenbauer in the interplay caused problems for the English.

Her striker Hurst – in 1966 he scored three goals – was completely deregistered at his guard Höttges this time, after an hour Alf Ramsey changed him and instead brought Marsh. He also made sure that the home side became stronger in the second round, aggressively involved their full -back and put Germany under pressure.

The DFB selection was allowed to take the lead in the event of support, but after a bad pass from Beckenbauer, the goalkeeper was only able to ward off a tight shot from Bell in front of Lee’s feet, which easily shot down to 1: 1 (77. ).

England v Germany (1972) (3/9)

Netzer in Glück – Müller inimitable

In the final minutes, hero mainly took the courage to venture forward: Moore could only stop the Offenbacher on the penalty area, with a little lucky networks – Banks – Banks steered the ball to the inner post – the due penalty for a new guide ( 85.). Shortly afterwards, striker Müller even increased to 3: 1 (88.) in a typical manner from the rotation. For the first time, Germany won on English soil – a sensation!

With a two-goal lead, the DFB selection now goes to the quarter-final second leg in Berlin. There, a very playful Germany can even allow itself a narrow defeat. The gateway to the European Championship finals has opened.

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