Fortnite: When does season 2 of Chapter 3 end? This is what we know

This Fortnite season is one of the most successful thanks to the “zero construction” mode, after a few weeks, this season 2 is starting to slowly reach its end! Six weeks of Season have already passed, which implies that we have passed the equator of it. In fact, Epic Games has confirmed in the game itself that Season 2 of Chapter 3 will end on June 3 .

An confirmed date?

At the moment, neither Epic Games nor the Dataminers have given data contrary to the planned launch of season 3 of June 3, 2022. It is true that in the past, the editor has suffered some setbacks in her Battle Royale, especially in the beginning of chapter 2, but this seems to be much better calibrated.

The filters also report that the development team is already working on several patches for the next season. In principle, you should not fear for any delay both in the update and in the battle pass.

Doomsday Volume II

Several data miners have also detected key files related to the end of the season event, which logically should also be held in early June. According to them, the imagined order (IO), that is, the great bad invaders of this season, plan to turn on the terrible “Final Judgment device.” We are talking about the machine that generated a mega tsunami in the Island at the end of chapter 2-time 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3 SEASON 2 - What We Know So Far
It is possible that the end of the season event (which has not yet been confirmed by Epic Games, but that data miners anticipate) makes us face IO forces, in possession of a destructive device.

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