The best legends for playing on the Drop Off Arenas card in Apex Legends

Drop-offf is the last map of the Arena added to the APEX Legends, and its structure is designed to encourage players to participate in aggressive battles from end to end. The attractions are divided into sections, which allows several legends to get an advantage over others, playing on this map.

We played on this map with each legend and recommend that the players choose any of the following legends simply because their abilities are ideal for the DROP-OFF structural design. At the same time, if you are an expert with a certain legend, which is not on the next list, do not hesitate to share unique strategies to help others get an idea of effective teams.

Best Offensive Legends for playing Drop-off

As for Offensive Legends, octane, Bangalor,*and Ghost ** are just a class above others on the Drop-OFF map. While the Octane speed allows the teams to aggressively advance to key areas, the smoke of the bangalore can become an important tool for reducing visibility on the map. In the same way, the portal ability of Wraith is also a good way to use the advantages of moving Cargo Shipment containers. These three legends are ideal for any team composition on the Drop -off Arenas map, and we definitely recommend that the players try them out.

The best defensive Legends in which you can play for drop-off

DROP -OFF is designed for Defensive Legends to open stores in different places and stop the impending onslaught of opponents. Legends, as caustic and Watson are ideal for this map, as they can effectively control several areas using their tactical abilities. Watson’s fences are ideal to protect all four entrance doors into the interior, and the kaustic traps can be easily installed around cargo containers on the deployment line.

Best Intelligence Legends that you can play for drop-off

Recon Legends, such as Crypto, Bloodhound and Seer, are ideal for Drop-off, since their abilities can scan parts of the card to identify opponents. Passive abilities for all three legends give enough information so that the team can choose their battles. They not only provide a review, but also fit perfectly into any team composition. Pathfinder and Valkyrie are also good alternatives to select, but Recon Legends with scanning tactical abilities are simply ideal for determining the opponent’s position.

Best Support Legends in which you can play for drop-off

Lifeline is perhaps the only legend of support that has the maximum value for using the ability in any team. Its drone DOC can become a constant source of health regeneration, allowing players to hold critical narrow places. In the same way, the ability of Lifeline to quickly revive the comrades on command has no equal and is ideal for situations when there are fewer players.

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