The developer of Marvels Avengers confirms that there is no road map, you must restart expectations

More sad news has arrived Vegators from Marvel As it has declared a developer, there is no formal roadmap for the game and it seems that the game is being reduced. Vengacores de Marvel has been waging a battle uphill from its proper disclosure in E3 2019. When the game was announced, many were concerned about their live service nature, the appearance of the characters and much more. The fans had great reserves with respect to the game and only worsened once the game was launched. Despite having a solid story and some fun combats, their live service elements slowed down and felt as if they were two different games with conflicting visions. In addition to that, the updates faced significant delays and were disappointed when they were launched. Now, after a Black Panther update in August 2021 and an exclusive SPIDER-MAN update from PlayStation in November 2021, many wonder what follows.

Well, it turns out that… maybe not much. Despite promising some major plans for avigators from Marvel earlier this year, a verified developer resorted to the subnet of the game to tell fans who probably should moderate expectations. The developer noted that there is no concrete and public route for six months for the game that fans can traditionally anticipate, but has changed to a “shorter time horizon” to achieve realistically more things on his sheet of Inner route. It is not clear if this means that the developer is moving away from larger updates with great narrative expansions and characters introductions, but it seems that the game is struggling to keep content to their base of players, so it is possible that I can not Justify that type of updates.. A fan noted that Crystal Dynamics suggested that it would reveal a roadmap in the future and the developer declared that “they established expectations” that “have to restore”.

Although there have been some new characters in Marvel_ Congers recently, the fans’s rate of something like Black Panther are missing. Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed that he is working on a new game of Tomb Raider, so he could be moving away most of his study from his superhero game to work on Lara Croft’s next adventure.

So That “Early” 2022 New Content Roadmap For Marvels Avengers… Where Is It?

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