Pirates of the Caribbean: its over for good between Johnny Depp and Disney

While the legal war between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is still raging, the actor recently took stock of his career and his iconic role as an eccentric pirate, the legendary Jack Sparrow. Unfortunately for the fans, the return of the captain of the Black Pearl will not be any soon.


Johnny Depp’s career undermined

It is a conflict that dates back several years already. Johnny Depp is opposed to his ex-wife Amber Heard while the two actors accuse each other of various physical and psychological abuses. The scandal obviously made a big splash, at the same time appearing the career and the reputation of Two stars. If Amber Heard claims to have trouble finding new projects, it is the same for Johnny Depp who criticizes his ex partner for having “ruined his career”.

Without having found a way out for the moment, this legal war is currently continuing their course while the former couple is currently competing in court. It was during the audience that Johnny Depp made several revelations about his future and in particular on his involvement in the Cinematographic Saga of Disney, pirates of the Caribbean. Bad news for fans: on the side of the actor as in the studio, the relationship seems to have ended.

Johnny Depp in Jack Sparrow, it’s over

This conflict had already led Johnny Depp to abandon the role of Grindelwald in the saga of fantastic animals, prequel of Harry Potter. The Warner had not wished to re -engage the actor for fear of harming the image of his films. Today it seems that Disney has made a similar choice by not recalling the interpreter of Jack Sparrow for a possible sixth film. If Disney had already mentioned the absence of the character in the potential consequences of the adventures of the Caribbean pirates, the actor also said during his trial not re -stacking soon and this regardless of Disney’s offer, as reported Variety..

The fact is, Mr. Depp, that if Disney offered you $ 300 million and a million alpacas, nothing on Earth would bring you back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean film? – Ben Rottenborn, lawyer for Amber Heard.

It’s true (…). – Johnny Depp.

The news will obviously disappoint more than 1. Johnny Depp will have embodied the famous pirate for all the films of the saga, from the curse of Black Pearl released in 2003 until the revenge of Salazar in 2017. Pending the outcome of the trial, it is unlikely to see Johnny Depp soon in the cinema. For its part, Amber Heard should appear in the suite of Aquaman, The Lost Kingdom, scheduled for 2023.


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2 hours ago

It was never a good saga, the first film was correct and it should have been stopped there, instead of that Depp became a caricature of itself, infinitely replaying the same character. This is an opportunity for him to resume his career in hand.

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