In the meantime Metroid Prime 4, fans offer a 4K 60 fps remill of the first opus

Metroid Prime 4 is probably one of the most anticipated Nintendo games by the Big N community. After a first ad in 2017, Samus’s new 3D adventure has seen some setbacks before being very, very discreet. To have news from the spin-off metroid, it is better to pick up on the fans that today offer a 4K 60 fps remill of the first opus.


MPR Phaze 1, the ambitious project of Samus fans

While METROID PRIME 4 news is rare and always waiting for information about a possible portage of Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch, fans are trying to wait as they can. Today, we are talking about a particularly attractive project proposed by the team MPR, enthusiasts who have given themselves to offer a new youth at first premium name. And we must recognize that the result is Rather convincing.

Metroid Prime 4 Was Rebooted 3 YEARS AGO Today! When Will We See It?

This version offers a globally improved graphic rendering with 4K textures and a 60-fps framerate. More than a simple boost, it is also a real work of tweaking with new HD textures and better light effects. Several options are also added to the basic game, making it easy to customize its HUD. Playable with the joystick or the combo keyboard / mouse, the work of the team MPR forces respect.

What to wait before Metroid Prime 4?

Important Accuracy, The title is accessible via the Dolphin emulator but however, you have to have a copy of the original game on GameCube or the PortageMetroid Prime Trilogy on Wii to be able to launch it. In this way, the members of the TEAM MPR. protect themselves from a possible copyright conflict. Nintendo is known to be intransigent in intellectual property. If you have a copy of the game, You can already download this version available on Github. On the other hand for those who wanted to discover this remill without owning a copy, you can still You fold back on Metroid Dread, last hit out last year on Switch.

So yes, this very nice project allows you to wait more waiting for Metroid Prime 4, but concretely, that happens when? The only track we have for the moment corresponds to the movement from Retro Studios, in charge of the development of this new title, which recently offered to the fans an image presenting the spatial heroin in a visual for the less obscure.. Not much so, but at least one track. We are still waiting for news that could arrive soon.

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