The best legends for use in limited temporal mode Flashpoint (LTM) in Apex Legends

Although technically it can still be a royal battle, limited temporary mode (LTM) FlashPoint requires a strategy of another type than the standard royal battle in Apex Legends. This means that you will have to think differently about what legends you will choose and your squad, and think about what character will be perfect for the style of Flashpoint game.

While some players can stick to the legend that they know best if you are looking for an opportunity to expand, here are the best legends in which you can play in temporary FlashPoint mode in Apex Legends.

Best Legends for Flashpoint

In FlashPoint you need to give preference to one of the three style styles: healing, mobility or aggression. Healers will be the most valuable, as they allow your team to easily poison outside the Flashpoint zones. Some characters are just one of these elements, while others are two.

Life Line (Healing)

Life line is required in Flashpoint, as its tactic is the only way to easily cure the health of your entire team, regardless of location. The presence of lifeline is vital because it makes players less dependent on flashpoints in general.

Key abilities: Medical DRON DOC (Tactical)

Watson (Healing)

Watson is the second best option for Flashpoint, as it can passively treat their own shields and shields of the whole team with the help of its ultimate. It is a deadly combination with Lifeline, as you can combine her ultra and Lifeline tactics to fully patch outside Flashpoint. Although be careful with this glitch.

Key abilities: pylon interceptor (ultimate), spark genius (passive effect)

Octane (Mobility, Healing)

Passive octane health regeneration is perfectly combined with a shield replacement, and this is a good way to make someone from your team to be treated, even if you do not have a line of life. Its Jump Pad can also be a quick transition for your team in Flashpoint if you need to patch.

Key abilities: Jumping (absolute), rapid recovery (passive effect)

Valkyrie (Mobility)

Valkyrie **** All about the movement, and its ultra is ideal for moving the team, especially if all have little health and shields, and they need to get to the ignition point. Walkiya’s ability to scan enemies on the way down can also help your team find a safe place.

Key abilities: Jump in the sky (ultimate) ****

Mad Maggie (aggression, mobility)

Mad Maggie was also not listed when FlashPoint was presented for the first time. Its ultimates is great for moving around the ignition point, as well as to enter and exit it, but its tactic also plays a key role in applying powerful strikes on a team that may attempt to avoid damage at any cost.


REVENANT (aggression, mobility)

Revenant tactics are the perfect way to deprive another team of ability to be treated in battle outside Flashpoint. This, combined with its ultimate, especially deadly. Another excellent way to use its ultimate is to place it in the ignition point and use the pad to jump the slope to attack the command outside the ignition point. ****

Key abilities: Silence (tactical), Death Totem (Ultimatimative) ****

caustic (aggression)

Caustic gas is tough against the enemy team, which has no rescue circle. If you can hit the team with your traps outside Flashpoint, and then hit them with your ultra, team will be quite difficult to recover if you and your teammates are going to kill. ****

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Key abilities: Gas trap NOX (tactical), gas grenade NOX (Ultimative)

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