Johnny Depp will never return as Jack Sparrow

The case that currently lives Johnny Depp has revealed new information about its future as actor. As you will know, the dramatist demanded Amber Heard for $ 100 million as defamation compensation, this after the actress published a document talking about the problems she suffered from her during her marriage with Depp. In this way, it has been revealed that Johnny Depp will never interpret Captain Jack Sparrow .

During the examination of it in court, DEPP revealed that Disney has eliminated the Actor of the World of Pirates of the Caribbean, and the next film in the series, which will be starring Margot Robbie, * will not have any trace of Jack Sparrow * . This was what the actor commented:

“I was not aware of that, but I’m not surprised. Two years of constant talks were spent around the world about which I was a wives knocker. Then, I’m sure Disney was trying to cut the ties to be sure. The #Metoo movement was in full swing at that time.

Johnny Depp says he's never seen Pirates of the Caribbean

They did not get my character from the attractions. They did not stop selling dolls from Captain Jack Sparrow. They did not stop selling anything. They just did not want there to be something behind me to find

It would be a true fool if he did not think there was an effect on my career based on the words of Mrs Heard, whether he would mention my name or not. “

However, DEPP is not interested in resuming this paper . During the court, the actor was questioned about returning as Sparrow to Disney. However, he mentioned that no amount of money will be convinced of this. At the moment it is unknown if Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was going to have the participation of this pirate or not.

In court, DEPP also mentioned that he will fight against Heard to get the money she deserves from her after the actress “destroyed her race” with the document that he originally published. Talking about cinema, here you can see the new trailer of Buzz Lightyear. Similarly, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse has been delayed until next year.

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