Jayson Tatum throws Boston via a buzzerbeater for start-up success

The Boston Celtics have prevailed in the first playoff duel against the Brooklyn Nets in a true nail biter. Three times the Nets go in the last three minutes in the lead, but Jayson Tatum meets the buzzerbeater.

“It will not be better: a buzzerbeater in a playoff home game”. And with this buzzerbeater, Jayson Tatum has thrown the Boston Celtics to the 115: 114 success over the Brooklyn Nets.

Tatum to the basket in the final seconds, Kevin Durant got rid of Kevin, who only watched. Marcus Smart moved to the basket for a kickout of Jaylen Brown against two close-out defenders, found Tatum, who led to a pirouette with the final siren.

POV Of Jayson Tatum's Game 1 Buzzer Beater ????????
“When he dribbled, we put eye contact. It was a great pass of him, “Tatum said to the interaction between him and smart.

The Celtics succeeded for the start-up success, although they first played a comfortable leadership. With an eleven point lead, the householders in the final section went through a 13: 0 run, but the Nets turned the game – ten points in this phase Kyrie Irving (39 pkt). A total of 18 meters were for the guard in the fourth quarter to beech, Irving caused a threesome for the 114: 111 guideway Brooklyns at 45.9 seconds on the clock. But then shortened for Boston first Brown, marriage Tatum (31 pts) became the matchwinner.

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