Destiny 2 – List of Riiswalker Gods and Best Bonuses

Destiny 2 and shotguns are almost synonymous with each other. Shotguns were supporting in the horn for many years, surpassing everything at close range. As in most other types of weapons in the game, there are powerful shotguns and no. Shotgun Riiswalker Iron Banner is very strong, especially when it has the right peppers.

Riiswalker shotgun is a weapon of an iron banner that was represented back in 2021. The only way to get this weapon is completion of the Match of the Iron Banner or by Obtaining rank packages from Lord Saladin. So, if you are looking for the perfect throw, you need to make sure that you are making as much as possible when the iron banner is here.

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Roller of God PVE

PVE tends to be very subjective from the point of view of the game style, which a little complicates the definition of an accurate throw of God. This is especially true for this weapon, since it is not a powerful weapon in PVE. At the same time, the right benefits on Riiswalker can help him save their positions.


  • Barrel – Small Bar
  • magazine – assault store
  • Sign of 1 – Excess
  • feature 2 – Verpal weapon
  • masterpiece – range

Fractethyst vs Riiswalker: Which Shotgun Is Better?

Roller god pvp

Each requires a reliable shotgun for PVP. Riiswalker with any throw can easily become this shotgun, as it is able to quickly kill enemies at a distance. Nevertheless, Riiswalker with the right peppers do not stop.


  • Barrel – Rabbar
  • magazine – neat cartridges
  • Sign 1 – sketch
  • feature 2 – Iron hand / mirroring wind
  • masterpiece – range

Riiswalker shotgun is a powerful addition to any weapon of custody and is strongly recommended by lovers of shotguns. Finally, remember that the throws of God are often subjective and may not reflect the style of each game. The perfect throw of God will satisfy all the needs of a person.

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