Elden Ring: Thats why your horse crashes to death and so you prevents it

Without our spectral ross Stormwind, the journey would be unthinkable by the gigantic intermediate country of Elden Ring. Only the jumping capacity of the horned Rosses sometimes makes it easy to be desired. Have you already annoyed that your riding animal simply refuses double jumps and crashes to death with you? Or that it is already at the spawn halftot? We reveal you what’s and what you can do.

That’s why you crash into death

That’s why it’s about: DataMiner Zillie The Witch has a video dedicated to the most common two problems that fans have a stormwind fans. In this, we learn why the spectral bump sometimes switches to Sturen Gaul and no double jump completed. This happens especially if the render does not really jump off a cliff, but first falls and we try to save us with two jumps in the air.

BUG is to blame: Zulie thought first that in this case it is not possible to row two jumps together. But that was at the weapon election of the fan, because as explained in the video, it is a bug in case animation that has to do with it. At first, Zillie thought, the problem has to do directly with the weapon. Rather, it is the way they are held. Great swords worn over the shoulder can make problems, for example, but also spears.

So you avoid the death crash: You play with a weapon that triggers the bug, you can easily avoid him by simply leaving them while riding. Gerat her in a fight, so you have her again quickly by pressing her on the D-Pad to the right.

Here you can watch the whole video:

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You find the annoying? Maybe the error will soon be resolved with a patch. In any case, Zillie hopes to draw the attention of the developer team with the video to the problem.

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Storm wind spawnt halftot

In addition, you might noticed that Stormwind does not always cross with full health. Sometimes his lifebalke is already pretty reduced when we call him. Even for this, toollic has a statement. Other beings in the world are always full of strength if you have used the speed-trip function or died.

The difference is that these are bound to special spawn points on the map. Storm wind, however, can appear in many places. This is probably just about code, which ensures that the spectral ross with its special properties, is healed.

So your storm wind makes fit again: The lifebal of your spectral root fills up when you snatches on a grace or if stormwind spawns again after his own death. In addition, your horned horse regenerates how to reveal, 3 LP per second – or heals all when you feed it or uses a bottle.


You already had to fight with these problems and which weapon do you use?

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