NBA News: Magic Johnson glaubt an Finals

The Dallas Mavericks have been one of the NBA’s hottest teams since the beginning of the year. Therefore, Lakers legend Magic Johnson believes that the Texans even are a candidate for the NBA finals.

“For me, there are two teams that can reach the finals in the West and I do not speak of Golden State. Fits on Dallas and Memphis,” said the legend of Los Angeles Lakers at get Up.

Johnson was referring to the convincing 118: 112 success of the MAVs in the reigning Champion Milwaukee Bucks, when Luka Doncic (32 points, 15 assists) was not stopping. For Johnson, the trade from Kristaps Porzingis and the appointment of Jason Kidd to Head Coach were the most important factors for success.

“The Porzingis Trade and the Addition of Spencer Dinwiddie did Dallas a better team,” analyzed Magic. “I like Luka to play. He was fantastic in Milwaukee. Dallas is really good and you have a good head coach with Jason Kidd. They are hard to stop in attack and also play great defense.”

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With a balance sheet of 49-30, the MAVs currently occupy four place in the West, but the residue on the Warriors is only a single game. In the Doncic era, the Texans are still waiting for the first series profit, in the past two years each time was against the L.a. Clippers conclusion (2-4 and 3-4). In general, the MAVs have not been able to choose the only playoff series since the title win 2011, six times the franchise in the first round had to delete the sails.

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