Lost Ark: Harmoniesprungsteine farmen

You’ve finally arrived at the endgame of Lost Ark, knows you with the different systems and now want to get started with the upgrade of your equipment? Then this Guide will help you to the harmony jumping stones ! Here you can know:

  • What harmony jumping stones are
  • What you can do with you
  • How to farm the stones efficiently

You do not know what class you want to play as a second character? Look at our overview of all classes.

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What are harmony jumpers and why are you good?

The green stones will encounter you over time during your endgame progress, because they are very important for one thing: upgrade to your equipment. In order for you to progress in the ITemlevel and can visit areas such as Rohendel and Co., in addition to Wächterstein and destruction stone fragments, they also need the harmony jumping stones. With them, you lift your weapons and arms on the Next Higher Itemlevel .

Harmony jumping stones farms: How do you get the valuable clunkers?

Since the harmony premiums in Lost Ark are necessary to enhance your armor and weapons, you will notice a constant need for you. That’s why we show you here the most effective methods to farm from Harmoniescheinen!


A lucrative and fast source for harmony jumping stones are the chaosing sounds. In the first two runs on the day , the opponents allow tons of revaluation materials. Here you can not do anything wrong here. At the same time, the equipment that you can upgrade with the jump stones directly drops.

The equipment that you do not need, should be disassembled. As a result, she also gets harmony jumping stones with a certain probability.

Chaosdoons can be really worthwhile per character only two times a day, because after two passes, your aura of resonance is consumed.

Of course you can enter another chaosing sounds, but then gets only perception fragments and crystals of the disorder. These get on higher stages other names, guard fragments on animal 2 and fragments of the purification on animal 3, but have the same effect. The fragments can be swapped against harmony premiums. This trade is limited to 20 per week.

Guardian Raids

The Guardian Raids are another source from which the coveted gems can get. You just have to fight only the boss and it rains jump stones. But attention: just bosses that meet you later in the endgame can be very difficult. The easiest way to farm harmony jumping blocks are guardian raids so definitely not – but a very rewarding!

Unas tasks

For your daily tasks, you will find different quests that provide you with harmony premiums. Just look for the right tasks and do it one after the other. “Drive like the wind” is such a quest that gives you next to the stones even reputation for one of the fastest ships in the game. As you get this, we show you in our guide to EURUS.

For Unas tasks, the Bifrost can be a great help . The individual places of this quick travel function can be putting themselves. So, for the first time, you do one of the daily tasks for harmony jumping stones, just put a bifrust point there and closes the quest the next day without having to arrive long.


On the seas of Lost Ark you know a lot of islands, where you can incile you with a variety of rewards. Underneath are often also harmony jumping stones. At the starlight island , for example, you get a lot of harmony jumping stones for your efforts.


Lost ARK Guide + Tipps & Tricks UPGRADE Material Harmoniefragmente, Sprungsteine und CO????

If you are diligently with your guild colleagues and always donates for your guild, you have certainly a lot of blood splinters . You can exchange them with the guild dealers against harmony premiums.

Audit arena

In the exam arena, you will find two weekly quests that give you harmony jumping blocks. You just have to participate in five PVP matches And you have already completed the quests.

Bonus: Daily registration and towers

It can sometimes be that easy: Due to the daily login, you rising on your daily registrations and gets a recovery chest that gets harmony premiums. Although this method can not be specifically farmed, but a welcome additional source of income are the login boxes in any case.

The towers in Lost Ark also provide harmony jumping blocks on certain levels as a reward. So if you like this feature of Lost Ark, you can also get a few stones here too.

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