Dranglight, drastic flights in the heart of World of Warcrafts ninth extension?

It was noted, the next extension of World of Warcraft will be officially announced by Blizzard April 19. By then, the speculations are going well and as often, wowhead brings some significant clues.

WoW Dragonflight Expansion Leak?
By exploring the source code of the official website of the MMORPG, Wowhead has discovered references to the pre-order of basic, heroic and epic versions of a “dragonflight” extension, in addition to the recording of a DrangLight.BLIZZARD.com URL.. Images of the official conceptual drawing of the extension would also have leaks, as are the references to a “emerald drake” frame that could take the form of a bonus for collector.
For the record, the world of Azeroth currently has five main dragonflights, the black, blue, bronze, green and red flights like so many great “families” of dragons, each led by a dragon aspect and animated by its own designs in the Protection of Azeroth. It would not be the first time that Blizzard features a dragon in an extension (we remember Cataclysm , which led the players to face Neltharion, the appearance of the earth at the head of the black drastic flight before that he does not sink into madness and renamed wing-de-death).

What to imagine that the Ninth World of Warcraft extension revolves around one or more drastic flights from the MMORPG? Maybe – whether to associate it with players in the face of a new enemy or to face it.
Nevertheless, this “leak” will be taken with all the circumspection of rigor – a fortiori when it reveals early April, period that could be conducive to jokes and false tracks. It is nevertheless remembered that the Shadowlands extension had already been leaks a few days before being officially confirmed and that leaks (fortuitous or orchestrates) can be a good way to create the craze of the curious. We will be fixed on April 19th.

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