The reason for building a story-driven experience is the root of the “The Last ORICRU” -Soul Like for 2022 years of expectations [interview]

PRIME MATTER performs publishing, and 2022 released Seoul Like SF Fantasy ARPG “ The Last ORICRU “. This time, Game * Spark has made an email interview with Goldknights Executive Producer, Goldknights, which has been developed in the February Steam Next Festival, is developed.

Whether it is important to develop a story-driven deployment that focuses on changes in stories due to players’ decisions through interviews? From the origin of “Seoul Like” and the original “Dark Seoul” series and impressions about the latest work “Elden Ring”, you can talk more about the very interesting story such as “commitment” in this work rice field.

  • First of all, please introduce yourself.

Everyone in Vladimir Gersle (hereinafter Uradimil) GAME * SPARK, Nice to meet you. I am honored to talk. My name is Goldknights Executive Producer, Vladimir Gersle, located in Prague in Czech Republic. Currently, we are producing “The Last Ooricru” which is our debut.

-It is this “THE LAST ORICRU”, but what is the game of one thing one? The action RPG itself has been developed in many days, so please introduce a direct point by developers.

Vladimil “The Last OtoriCru” is an action RPG that has significantly focused on stories and cooperative plays, and the decision to change the story. We all love high quality hack and slash games, but in “TLO” more than that, the decision to change the story is an important factor. By their actions and selection, the game will be developed in different directions.

For example, what if you have helped you dislike? Okay, there is enough chance to betray. In this work, there is no “wrong way”, but only “you only do”, which makes it a lot of talling the whole story. At the beginning of this work, you wake up with a distant planet called Waldenia. At that time, you are aware that you are in the midst of the civil war and are getting caught up. Among them, there are sometimes people who encounter various factions and allies in their factions.

Besides, multifley functions that can be enjoyed online and offline are also very attractive. It is not cool enough to fight with your friends!

-Please tell me the best appeal point.

Uradimil This work is a cooperative play, a story that changes by selection, and I think it is three factors such as the game play of the game play that requires skills. It is difficult to ask why the most favorite thing, but the player is most likely to aim for the goal in a variety of ways. Of course, it is also interesting to see what the player has made a decision when the game is released. You can not wait from now on to see the trends and statistics of your choice.

-The demo version was playing and the characteristic of ratkins (mouse beasts) was very interested in the remaining impressive. Please tell me the commitment points in the process of making the world view of this work, such as the characteristics of races and locations.

Want to think that Vladimil RATKINS is a wonderful race? At least among the early games….

In any case, I was aiming for making a consistent world with a deeply thoughtful history and an SF chick medieval world atmosphere fused. Not only one game is made, but also the entire IP is made. And, in order to achieve this goal, it was necessary to know more about the world of works. However, the player may not be able to find all background stories in the first play.

-It is only the introductory department that can be played in the demo version, but the choice of Silver (hero) always appeared to be a passive attitude for the place. Do you want to spend more spontaneously and hosters for specific camps after the first two stages?

Vladimir Masashi That’s right! The demo version is just a part only. Nevertheless, you can choose multiple routes already. Join “Ratvolution” and compete with Naboru with RATKINS or maintain neutral? Alternatively, you can engage in RATKINS attacks by taking care of the attacker’s NABORU. Most players joined “Ratvolution” and refused to fight Naboru…… Although the story has already been spoiled, the story is not always clearly clear, and while playing this work many times, the whole picture seen from all angles will be revealed.

-When this work will be a volume, including changes in deployment by story branches?

Because Vladimir Makes this work is an action RPG, it is a little difficult to assume the entire game time. However, is the first play for about 15 to 20 hours? However, as already mentioned, we recommend that you understand what you will do while repeating play many times.

-A comments from readers who are disappointing that there is no character with the article of Demo version delivery. Do you plan to add such factors in the future?

The addition of uradimil character cleans is not planned for now. We want to find the story of the Silver’s story, the Silver’s story, who must find your role in the Waldenian world.

-The this work is a work that should be called “Seoul Like”. I would like to ask you if it is, but what work is the best in the “Dark Soul” series? Please tell us about “Elden Ring” which is the latest work. Is there a part that the play affects this work?

It may be possible to hear it cheap when I like all of the Vladimil, but this work is true that it is influenced by “Dark Souls (Dark Soul)” and “Bloodborne (Bloodborne)”. However, our aim is to add a new one to this wonderful genre, not copying these games. Tasks that require skills and resource management are used as a strong game of the game, but on top of them, we are trying to build different experiences that emphasize stories. This experience is not only a soul-like game fans, but also “Classic” action RPG fans (this work can be played too much difficulty) can be enjoyed. In addition, these factors also focus on cooperative play.

And what do you think about Elden Ring (Elden Ring), but the From Software is not just defining your own sub-genre, it succeeded in redefining the genre by “Elden Ring” and successfully re-advanced I think that is a wonderful business. Yes, there are some vertical movements that were in “Dark Seoul”. I think they are the same as the most selling rock band. While playing the same music many times, fans get tired and listen to other music. However, if you develop the music and stop walking, the fans will continue to be faithful and evolve with the band-some people who do not like that change.

-What other than those, do you usually play with the game?

As the Vladimil Executive Producer, in addition to other various tasks, it is responsible for the right targeting of the title, so you always try to play the game related to your business. I think that it is also necessary to touch something outside the genre to get inspiration. For example, for “THE LAST ORICRU”, of course, “Dark Souls” and “Elden Ring (Elden Ring)”, “Witcher”, “Gothic”, etc. are played, but the structure of the story In order to learn an action adventure, we play the game with cooperative play to know the multiplayer approach, and play the FPS to check the latest trends of VFX and Art UI. I will also play a party game with my child on a holiday.

-What did such a change in social conditions such as the epidemic of new coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the new coronavirus has threatened most of the various development teams for several years. We were also affected by that, but after that, thanks to the transition to the full remote system, we are very satisfied with the present situation. Thanks to that, people around the world will be hired freely, and now we were able to build a rich international team.

-Lastly, please give a message for Japanese readers.

Nice to meet you in Vladimir Japan. My name is Verad. Thank you very much for your interested interest in “The Last ORICRU”. Check out the demo and tell us your feedback. We look forward to feedback. PS: Join Ratvolution ­čÖé

–thank you.

“The Last ORICRU” will be released 2022 for PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Windows (STeam), not only the respect of mere masterpieces. Japanese correspondence has also been announced, but the corresponding language for demo versions that can be played is only English.

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