“Kirby Discovery of Stars” Present Keyword Summary. A lot of coinars and rare stones are available

Various present keywords are being delivered at “ Kirby Discovery “. In this work, we can use the “bold waddle flight” by developing the town of Waddardi. You can get an item that helps adventure by entering the present keyword delivered on a variety of platforms. If you connect to the Internet, you can also use the present keywords published on the net. In this paper, we will deliver the information of the present keyword currently distributed.

First of all, a keyword conveyed in the “Kirby Discovery of Stars” trial version. If you clear the same experience version, the present keyword will be displayed finally. There are two types of this, and 300 coinarers can be earned with the keywords of “Takeshi Kenban Clear”. In addition, it is possible to obtain 300 coin stones and 1 rare stone with the keywords of “Irinabaken”.

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Subsequently, the keyword distributed by Twitter in the launch commemoration of the book on March 25. By entering “Hoarbari Henkei”, you can obtain 100 coin steering items and recovery items. I would like to make sure that there is no mistake in Hiragana and Katakana. It is possible to get here here, can be adventure, and when pinched, it can be used with X button long press. In addition, the expiration date of this keyword is until April 25th.

In addition, a keyword collaborated with Tokyo Solamati and Canal City Hakata’s “Kirby Cafe The Store” is also announced. By entering the keyword “Kirby cafe”, 500 coin steering 500 sheets, one bonito, and the wharma cake will be presented. This keyword’s expiration date is until June 30th. In addition, the local limited keyword is also posted at each store. When I visited the cafe, I hope I check it.

From here, please introduce keywords that can be obtained in the town in the game. Please be careful to include the spoiler of the search element.

First of all, if you examine the wall of the building opposite the waddle flight, you can obtain the keyword “First Keyword”. There are 100 coin stables available. Continue to enter the Waddle Disaster and also describe the keywords in the pamphlet on the right. By entering “Kirby Story”, 300 coinars can be obtained.

In addition, the keyword hidden on the accepting tent in front of the Coliseum. By entering the “Congress Coliseum”, you can get one coinster 500 and an attack up. And the keywords are also described in the plants in front of the Waddardicafe 2-chop Terrace. If you enter a “Gourmet Kirby”, you will get one Karahobari cake and a rare st1. Also, after the story clear, metaNite appears near the entrance of the Coliseum. If you look at the foot wall, you can get the keyword “thank you metaite”. Remuneration is three rare stones.

Besides this, one rare stone can be obtained in the keyword “Daikeng Guide” described in the brochure “New World Big Adventure Guide” distributed. Also, one rare stone is present in the keyword “Gamenews” described in Nintendo Switch game news.

Rare stones and coin stings that can be obtained with keywords are only items that will be included with something in strengthening copying capacity. Take advantage of these gifts, proceed with the adventure of crisp.

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