The developer explains the criticism of “Yawagami” 八 子 and skill change. “Fixed defect correction based on users voice”

HOYOVERSE announced a statement about the change of the character “Yatsu Kukako” of the Open World ARPG Little God ” on March 31. The same character has changed the skill performance as a “defective fix” in the update of March 30, and has created a discussion between the fans.

“Yoshinami” develops Chinese Mihoyo and is now open world ARPG, which is currently developed and operated by HOYOVERSE brand. In addition to characters and content addition, this work is also regularly performed on a balance adjustment. The character “Yae Kukako”, which is the controversy, is the Ver.2.5 update of February 16, a star 5 (highest rarity) character implemented in the Ver. 2.5 update. Specifically, it is the behavior of the same character ‘s scaling, killing and biomediation (hereinafter referred to as “) and its change.

Walking is an installed attack skill. When you install the biocidae in the field, you will automatically attack the enemy to the enemy. At the time of implementation, this lightning striker has been a fixed range of enemies randomly. Although it was a case where it could be made to lightning on an attackable object, it was a behavior that has a convenience that will start nasty remote enemies. In addition, there are many systems that have an “elemental attachment” system, and more enemies have been adhered to many enemies than focusing al1. In any case, the target was random pointed with the usability of the killing and selling.

However, this behavior was changed at Ver. 2.6 delivered on March 30 yesterday. In the official patch notes, “Humanba has fixed a bug that randomly attacked the surrounding enemies,” has been changed to the behavior that gives you the most close enemy within the range. There is. This “fault fix” called the deterioration. There was also an adverse effect by concentrating lightning lightning on a short distance enemy.

Specifically, a phenomenon such as “a shield with a shield that absorbs a constant damage with a weak enemies with weak enemies,” has now happened. On SNS, there are many user opinions that criticize such changes in usability. On the other hand, there is also a voice that acceps changes, in fact that lightning strikes are easily controlled. However, there is no doubt that the usability of the killing raw has suddenly changed suddenly.

Development sources announced a statement on March 31 today or on March 31st. We have published a description of the change of the biocide. During the Ver.2.5 period, the “unclear celebrity” has been added to the “unclear celebration” in the 2005 period. Therefore, it is said that the change was made to the coden logic both the enemy and the character. In addition, although I was originally “I was implementing the enemy logic to aim for the enemy with priority to aiming for enemies,” said that it was not able to control. Therefore, it seems that he added logic that prioritizes near distance at Ver. 2.6. In other words, random lightning strikes are unintended behavior, and the implementation in Ver. 2.6 will be explained as the result of the “defect”. However, there are some impulses that are, and there is an impossible impression that it is a malfold correction and a bad thing that is a defect modification.

Such ambiguity seems to be the cause of calling the repulsion of users. Certainly, the change of the killing of Ver. 2.6 is close to “specification change” rather than defective correction. There are also many users who remember the anti-sense to change the skills without prior notice. This work has also introduced a gacha (prayer) system. There will be a player who has a charge that is a highest rarity character. It is also possible to understand the emotion that makes me to change the sudden performance of the character that pours a lot of cost and to cast the objection.

Many opinions were sent, and the day after the implementation, the Sales of Kukuko’s Word Sakai Mikuko. In the official statement, the developer is to focus on feedback on this adjustment and combat data on the server. How are you going to go on the lightning striker of the warning.

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