Pokemon Go: Small fix, big effect – the arena defender stop

Pokémon Go is not the perfect game, it may not be especially outstanding in its performance , but in its innovation. With Pokémon Go Ar-gaming has unexpectedly won many fans on the smartph1. Niantic developers are constantly trying to improve Pokémon Go features or eliminate performance issues. However, since the community of Pokémon Go is quite large – although there are no official numbers, the Game is likely to occupy several million regular players worldwide – are the problems and hardships of the player shank not only numerous, but also diverse.

One of these problems concerns primarily players in rural areas: The return of Pokémon from occupied arenas. Because if hardly a player of an opposing team passes by the arena, then the defender therein is quasi lost. And so there’s no free2play deserved poké coins.

A seemingly small problem


While Pokémon Go fans felt in urban environments at the arena defense every second, their pocket monsters must remain in the arena to collect free poké coins daily, meeting players in rural areas with little pokémon-go activity The exact opposite too. Anyone who sets a Pokémon into a little frequented arena must be fearing that he will probably not see the pocket monster in the near future.

Pokémon Go players have no great advantages in rural areas anyway. Maybe there are many of them, but they are literally distributed to a lot of rural area. There are rarely pokéstops and even rare arenas – and with a lot of pitch not even decent mobile reception. Due to the division of gameschaft in three teams, luck can be arranged that two players can replace different teams with the defense of arenas. But whoever does not even organize that and barely lost a player to the arena anyway, then that can look like the son of a Pokémon Go fan, who shared a screenshot. On this is to see that the son’s ditto sat more than 19,000 hours in an arena.

A seemingly simple solution

Pokémon Go fans have been thinking for years that there must be a relatively simple appearing solution for the problem: a return button.

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With this comfort function, the developers of Niantic would do a great favor of the passionate players. The question is now whether this feature is really so easy for us.

If not… An alternative may be a regular purge of arenas. A defender may collect a maximum of 50 pokes per armena defense session anyway. After that he is only pretty to look at, but apart from that, but relatively useless. If a return function is technically not in it, then a daily triggered clear of all defenders could help, or not? Then all players would get their Pokémon back to a fixed time. And as long as this time is officially communicated, it can also be weighed from the city players of course and plan, when a Pokémon is used as the best to defend.

Either way, the recognition of this “problem” would be a great opportunity for the Pokémon-Go developers of Niantic to value the “Rural Players” and to give them a little under my arms. how do you see it? Do you belong to the city’s centers of Pokémon Go or are you rather in the countryside on the way and annoys you also about Pokémon, which seems to come back?

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