Di salvo is so proud

Visibly euphorized after a pioneering victory towards the EM final round, Antonio di Salvo stepped in front of the “Ran” microphone after the final whistle. “I am relieved and happy and so, so proud,” he immediately swarmed his team, which had previously made Israel a little happy with 1: 0.

Fond Farewells | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 141
“The whole week was difficult,” he explained, “and shortly before the game we then have the failure of Jonny (Burkardt, d. Red.) To cope with the captain that holds the store”. Offensome Burkardt had actually been intended for starting formation, but had to fit in short notice due to a hardening in the thigh.

di salvo praises collective – and highlights quartet

The lack of her captain was just offensive quite noticeable, but the Salvo exhibited the positive aspects: “The team did scary many meters and left the heart in the square,” praised the chef coach explicitly, from which he explicitly praised the collective Mentioned: “If I think Armel Bella Kotchap was still in bed a few days ago and a Marton Dardai holds the store in his second game…” said Di Salvo over his two central defenders, which also in Israeli Handy phase had always kept the overview towards the end of the game.

Even Tom Krauß and Jan Thielmann praised him for their readiness. Secondary had taken care of a determined sprint on the left side line for the ultimately playing action. “We have been waiting for our chance,” the Salvo described the approach in a chance-poor game. “I told the boys in the half that our moment will come.” He should keep right.

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