Our Financial Group, Hangzhou Asian Games E Sports National Official Sponsorship

[Eye News 24, Yeoljin reporter] The Korea E-Sports Association announced on the 29th that our financial group has been officially sponsored by the E sports national team that our financial group played in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

The Korea E-Sports Association and our financial group have conducted sponsoring conventions on our financial group headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul on July 28. In the Convention, the Convention on the Week of Financial Group Son Tae-cheol, Korea E-Sports Association, with President Kim Young-man, President of Kim Young-man, League of Legend (League of Legend) and Shin Bok-seok (EA Sports Fifts) attended.


Our financial group supports the E sports national team that plays in Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022 as a Title sponsor of the E-Sports Country 1. We also plan to sponsor the official events of the E-Sports National Team, and plan to solve the excellence of Korean E-sports into a variety of national contents.

“The Association will do our best to make the excellence of Korea’s E-sports in Asian games with our financial group,” I mentioned it.

Our financial group said, “This Asian Games will join the E-Sports Industries, so that our financial group will be able to grow into another central industry that supports our country.”

“This Asian Games will be a very important stage that proves the possibility and power of e-sports,” Yoo Seung-san said, “We wanted to be a very important stage to prove the possibility and strength of e-sports,” he said..

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