Fallout 76 is reinforced with the creators of Minecraft Dungeons

Double Eleven, creators of Minecraft Dungeons, join the development of live content of Fallout 76 . The company announces in a communiqué hanged on its official website its enthusiMinecraft Dungeonsm for showing the surprises that will launch “later” in this year.

Fallout 76 Sum to Double Eleven: Confirmed Collaboration

“In Double Eleven we have made a name when working with some of the great developers and publishers in the world,” begins the team in its message. “We are excited to be able to announce the public that we have recently started working with Bethesda Game Studios to create new challenges for Fallout 76 players”.

Since the study, they recognize that the conversations began “at the end of 2020” and since then they have worked together “in a range of new exciting content that will be enjoyed by the fan community” at some point more entered in the year 2022.

“It is a privilege that trust you to work on one of the most recognized franchises in the history of the video game,” says Lee Hutchinson, CEO of Double Eleven . “The team we have gathered to work in Fallout 76 are pMinecraft Dungeonssionate about the saga, and working with Bethesda is a dream come true.”

Huge News For Fallout 76 Fans!

No concrete details have been shared from the experiences they will add, although it will be part of the roadmap that traced the publisher for this year. During this spring the aliens will invade the Yero with an update of the world, new public events and the beginning of seMinecraft Dungeonson 8, called “a better life underground”.

And what will happen after spring? For three other themes of thematic news. Ponte to the test will come in summer, while Expeditions: the pit will do the same in autumn. It will not be until next winter when we do “a Tour for Nuka-World”. Check all the details in this link.

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