Absolute madness: Elden ring played in less than 20 minutes!

It is always something special when players set a new milest1. Be it the guild Echo recently won the World First Race around the new RAID from World of Warcraft, or talented Speedrunner, which set up a new world record.

New Elden Ring Speedrunning World Record

In the past, we have already reported on the dedicated Speedrunning community around Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €). About three weeks ago, for example, a player managed to reach the end of the title of From Software within just two and a half hours. Directly one day later, the Speedrunner Lilaggy Elden Ring played in less than an hour. However, it was not over, and a few days ago, the Streamer Hatblade reached a time of 24:37 minutes.

Within a month, we received numerous world records, all of which were extremely imposing. Many players will probably need just as much time to defeat a single boss in From Softwares Elden Ring, in the Speedrunner play through the entire game. Now the Streamer Distortion2 has set another milest1. Within a 15-hour twitch stream, the streamer reached a time of 18 minutes and 58 seconds , which means both a new world record as well as the first Speedrun, which could crack the 20-minute mark.

In a Tweet to his extraordinary performance, the streamer thanked all his spectators and celebrated his new world record. It should be noted that Distortion2 Elden Ring plays on the outdated patch 1.02. Meanwhile, Elden Ring received some changes on balancing, which makes many popular speedrun strategies no longer possible. Distortion2 still plays on Patch 1.02 and uses numerous glitches to skip large parts of the game.

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The entire Run of Distortion2 you can watch on his twitch channel. If you are interested in all times of the Speedrunning community, you will find these on Speedrun.com. Incidentally, we recently learned that from Softwar’s latest title originally had a bestiary.

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