National Team: Philipp Lahm practices criticism of World Cup

Ex-world champion Philipp Lahm holds the award of the World Cup to Qatar for a mistake. At the same time, the former captain of the German football national team demanded a modification of the selection process.

How Good Was Philipp Lahm, Really?

“In principle, I consider it indispensable that waterproof criteria will be set at the World Cup assignment, which one considers themselves. The selection procedure must be transparent,” said the 38-year-old in the interview the “Editorial Network Germany”.

On the question of whether the decision for Qatar could have failed, Lahm replied: “No, she would not have. If one looks in the evaluation report of FIFA, it was advised, among other things due to the human rights situation, the sustainability. Since one asks oneself of course Why still voted for Qatar. I think that’s funny. “

From a Boycott of the World Cup from 21 November to 18 December, the former captain of the national team and the German record champion FC Bayern Munich keeps nothing. “That we compete, I find absolutely right,” said Lahm.

The selection of national coach Hansi Flick is no tournament favorite for him. But with a view of the home EM 2024 he was very optimistic. “Whether it can already be enough to play at the front, you have to wait. You have gradually taken a good development that now needs to be confirmed,” Lahm said, tournament director of the EM in two years.

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