Submarine city stones are a new expansion pack, power inflation, effort to avoid power inflation

Blizzard Entertainment has conducted a video interview with the ‘Hasstone> New Expansion Pack’ Sahalled City ‘. This interview has participated in the questions of Dean Ayala (Dean Ayala) narrative designers and valerie chu narrative designers participated in new expansion pack contents and planning intentions.

The ‘Sailing of Sailing in the Squared City’ is the first expansion pack in 2022, with the first expansion pack, which will flow around the sea. Users should utilize a new card to explore the secret of the city, What is the new is filled with the new to be shown by Blizzard Entertainment. Dean Ayala, we organized the interview with Ballerie’s designer. / Disise game Lee Hyung Chul reporter

“Liate, I go, go, I will… I will provide a new and exciting experience through the seabed city”

Q. The reason why you chose the ancient city Jin Azhari on a new expansion pack background?

a. Ballerie Get: I have a chance to explore the underwater city through the voyage to the sinking city. As long as various possibilities such as various history and stories, such as a seafare city, users who play an expansion pack will be able to play an interesting experience.

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Q. What is the differentiated feature that the development of the development is to show?

a. Ballerie Get: First, I want to tell the new keywords called ‘Liaison’. The lifetime is an element that utilizes hidden treasures deeply in a hurdler. The second is a new sewage race ‘I’. It will provide a pleasant gameplay through the special ability of the exhaustion of this expansion pack. ‘Deal’ can not be taken out. The sewer with the ‘Dollar’ keyword has a huge petition that does not enter a space on the board.

Q. What was the most difficult thing in the development process?

a. Dean Ayala: It is a part of the core mechanism. In fact, the keywords of the keywords, the keywords of the keywords are quite a long ago. However, it was really long for how to define it. The concept is nice, but it was very difficult to solve it with a substantial mechanism. Fortunately, we are satisfied because the results are good.

Q. I wonder what the biggest goal you want to achieve through this expansion pack.

a. Ballerie Get: I want users to have a new and exciting underwater experience. We are also looking forward to meeting a new world of through new mechanisms and sewers.

Q. Usually, when the first new expansion pack of the year was released, it also announced new normal power, but this year has not yet been disclosed.

a. Dean Ayala: There was a special reason. In addition to this expansion pack, there are many new factors such as new cinematics, including the number of tribes, the life, and the new sewage race, so that it can be achieved enough to talk well. Of course, we will continue to deliver as many new information waiting for public.

** Q. The trailer appears in Finley Mugel. It is also interesting to have a name that is a trip to this expansion pack.

a. Ballerie Get: You would have confirmed through the trailer, but Piki Meet Meet the new character with yourself with yourself in this expansion pack. She will be able to identify Pigin, such as Pairin, and the Sir Sir is exploring the submarine.

Q. What do you think of the job to represent a chance of a new expansion pack?

a. Dean Ayala: Watch all jobs to represent the two. However, I asked one of the designers, and I answered “Warrior”. Therefore, I think the answer to this question may be a transcription. (laugh)

“You can win enough not to use new elements such as” lifetime,

Q. There are many synergies related to the newly added race. I usually wonder if a thief or wizard is given the order synergy, but it is wondering what to expect.

a. Dean Ayala: Almost all occupations can get synergy in orders with I go out. The occupation, which did not exert a great power, such as ‘warriors’, and this time I can easily use the order through the sewer. Rogue is also powerful when you use it with me. I think that the rogue and the wizard are the biggest benefit, but I think that all the occupations do not get a good opportunity.

Q. Do you have a new races in the battlefield? What type of synergy is that if you add?

a. Dean Ayala: About full-length content, we also have a lot of expectations. In the future, several content, such as a race or mechanism, will be added. However, there is no contents of sharing in the present time. I’ll tell you as ready.

Q. The new keyword ‘lifetime’ seems to be able to adjust the randomity of the draw luck to some extent. However, unlike existing keywords such as ‘discovery’, the tempo seems to be somewhat slower in that it is necessary to add additional drows.

a. Dean Ayala: The lifetime is a little time to raise the card from the bottom of the deck and wait until it is available. Tempo looks that the tempo can be increased. Therefore, we were trying to catch the balance of the power of the card and the power of the card. I want to say that the tempo is somewhat slow, but I want to tell you a lot of trouble with the ability to complement this.

Q. Distance Keywords seem to have a very strong effect, but do not you have a separate “Summoning” form (Ex: Unstable Evolution), too?

a. Dean Ayala: I had a lot of troubles. The body of the worker was generated, but the attached agency was drawn to be generated, but the two elements were not as good as they were not as good as they are tightly connected. Of course, you will find a worker through discovery, but it is not generated directly on the plate.

Q. The concept of a field of field has been shown to be the contrary to the contrary to the disclosure so far. The new expansion pack and the intent to aims to be a field fighting center of the sewage in the normal power.

a. Dean Ayala: There were quite a lot of attention to point out that during the coming feedback, “draws the card according to the initial plan, and the trend to play around the planned combo”. Therefore, we have made an intention of interesting battle on the board and have made this expansion pack. I want to say that you have designed the game and the opponent is active and designed to be able to run the planned plan well in the game.

Q. The first expansion pack of new normal power, but the power of keywords is somewhat lower than the expansion packs that have been released for two years. Did you consider the evaluation that power inflation was severe?

a. Dean Ayala: In the past, “Hasstone> had a time to have all the attention to a particular two cards and overpowered. Therefore, we wanted to create a play that can work with all the elements such as the overall power of the deck and the strategy. When the keyword is set, the power is too strong. Many people want to take advantage of the people or governing keywords, but they are not the one who wants a picture of the victory, depending on the presence or absence of this.

Q. Last year, the hottest potatoes of the regular pretax were originally-made meta and ‘Kazakusu’. What meta is directed in 2022?

a. Dean Ayala: The ultimate goal is that when the deck is power, all the elements that have been configured to make the power of each other. I would like to say that it is not a direction to combo with a certain card.

Q. Finally, ask for a word for users.

a. Balleri Get: I hope you can explore a pleasant seaweed with you through the new expansion pack.

a. Dean Ayala: I am very pleased to meet Korean users. Korea is one of my favorite places. The interview was able to talk about balance and new features. Thank you again. I hope you can see you in the ‘Sided City’.

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