FIFA 23 is probably renamed and the new name sounds extremely boring

Since last year it has been rumport between EA and FIFA. In short, it’s about name rights, licenses and of course a whole pile of money. The latter, according to a rumor of Gamesbeat’s side, is also the main reason for all you need to get used to a new name in the future – and anticipated, that sounds strange and somehow extremely boring.

Where does the rumor? From the well-known journalists and industry insider Jeff Grubb, who does not always hit the black with his info, but see well networked and is considered a credible source. He refers to his article on GamesBeat-Nahe, Anonymous sources.

Will we play EA SPORTS FC soon? Quite possible!

You have read it up, according to Grubb EA wants to rename the world’s most successful sports simulation in EA SPORTS FC. Whether already in the upcoming offshoot, meanwhile, it is unknown, but possible.

Where does the name come from? Meanwhile, the unusual title is not free from the air, but is based on a trademark, which EA filed at the end of 2021.

That EA renames the name of the series is not unlikely. On the contrary, according to a New York Times report, FIFA has over a billion US dollar for name rights. But not only the money could be a reason for EA to re-orient himself in the future. Among other things, FIFA is often negative by the upcoming World Cup in Qatar in the headlines.

What is changing for me as FIFA fan?

If EA rename the title of his popular sports series, quite little for you off the name. All rights, licenses and the appearance of the players and players are not at FIFA, but in a gaminghouse called FIFPRO, which represents more than 65,000 professional players.

The use of the real leagues such as the Bundesliga or the Premier League, as well as the names of the teams remain. More about it can be read in the following news:

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FIFA retains licenses for players and clubs

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First rumors around FIFA 23

But that was not the topic of rumors around FIFA 23, which should be confirmed or denied in the coming weeks of EA. The first Reveal is usually done in the spring, before then the cards are placed on the table in Salami tactics until in August. Of course, series also asked for a statement as usual at the Publisher.

CrossSplay and more women’s football: We have already learned from industry insider Tom Henderson that the series with “FIFA 23” is to get CrossSplay for the first time. Also, the female players should be more in focus.

Henderson also speaks of two World Championships: Qatar among men and those in New Zealand in women. In addition, rumors tend to offer EA the FIFA series in the future free2play, Konami with Efootball. However, this information should be considered with caution, which of course also concerns the name change. Namely, it is not yet confirmed, but this year it is probably as exciting as rare earlier, what’s going on at FIFA.

How do you find the new name and can you imagine that EA dares such a step?

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