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Kirby and the forgotten country finally appeared and thus the latest switch exclusive. In the Jump’s N ‘Run there are many items that you can collect. To make it easier for you, the game gives you some items. The only thing you need for is codes. Here you find which there are and how they work.

All codes for Kirby and the forgotten land at a glance

Prerequisite for the codes: Before you can get the free items, you have to progress a little in the game. You need the Waddle Dee delivery service. It turns this off in the hub world as soon as you saved a total of 50 waddle dees in the levels. Then you can enter the following codes there.

How do you usually receive the codes? The first three codes will be presented to you during the game and then are a reward for your progress in the story. The last two, however, you get you by downloading and playing the demo from the eShop. The game always recognizes the codes, no matter how far you are in the game in the game or if you have played the demo ever.

Therefore, a spoiler warning applies to the following list with all codes, if you want to discover yourself:

  • FIRSTPASSWORD \ – Retrieves 100 star coins
  • KIRBYSTORY \ – Receives 300 star coins
  • ThankyouMeTeknight \ – gets three rare stones
  • ClearDemo \ – Receives 300 star coins
  • NewAdventure \ – Retrieves 300 star coins and a rare stone

Where can I find the gift? If you have entered a real code, then you have to go back to the house of Kirby. There is a gift in front of the door that you can open. You can not use the same code several times and you need to be written completely big for the game to take it.

Online connection: The codes “ClearDemo” and “NewAdventure” are gifts that you get outside the game. To enter them, you need an active internet connection. If you cancel the connection when starting the game, then you can enter the codes only if you do not skip them.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It?
An insight into the game gives our test video :

Kirby and the forgotten country is now available and is the latest exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. If you prefer to know in writing, if the Jump ‘n’ Run could be something for you, then Tobi is for you. He reveals in his review, which has the new Kirby game on it.

Do you use the codes for free items in Kirby and the forgotten country?

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