Revealed the possible new name for FIFA games

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In 2021, multiple reports arose suggesting that EA had intentions to leave the license of FIFA completely, and in this way, create their own soccer simulation game. With the passage of time we have been revealing additional details about why behind this decision, and now we already know how this new franchise could be called that would start with the new delivery of this year.

According to Jeff Grubb, recognized insider, FIFA 2 3, as well as the successive deliveries of this series, will be called EA Sports Football Club, or EA Sports FC . According to Grubb , EA no longer wants to continue paying for the expensive License of FIFA , as players of this type of experiences do not come by name or license, but by their playability. Apparently, as a result of this break, FIFA will be looking to partner with another developer to launch its own titles.

At the end of last year, EA recorded a mark under the name of ‘ EA Sports FC’ , which obviously coincides with the information of grubb . During that same period of time, the company mentioned that “they were playing with the idea of ​​rename their soccer games and were in conversations with FIFA to review some of the existing agreements.” Taking into account all the above, it is easy to assume that effectively, EA Sports FC will be the new name for EA soccer titles.

Editor’s note: In addition to this name change, EA also became mentioning that they were considering changing the gameplay of these games, but I would not make me too much hope with this. I just hope that this change is for good, and the fans of these games can get better experiences from now on.

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