Not FIFA 23: Thats how the next football match is called EA Sports

EA has been seriously thinking about to rename the successful FIFA series . The reason for this is the extremely high royalties of FIFA, which the publisher now does not want to pay anymore. Meanwhile, it seems to be tight, how the new name for FIFA louds.

So the FIFA series should be called in the future

The information comes from the well-known leader and industry insider Jeff Grubb . In the recent edition of his podcast “Grubbsnax”, he explained that Electronic Arts will run the football game series in the future under the name EA Sports Football Club or EA SPORTS FC . This name can still change until the official announcement of the latest game. However, at least the internal name at EA SPORTS is currently.

The trigger for renaming, according to Grubb , are the high quality fees , the the FIFA for the continuation of cooperation demand. Electronic Arts, however, is no longer ready to pay them and therefore choose this path. The publisher is convinced that the fans would decide because of the actual game and not because of the name.

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Nevertheless, is there FIFA games?

Jeff Grubb dealt with another interesting scenario as part of his podcast. He is quite possible for the FIFA to look for another developer studio to start a separate football game series in life and equip them with the official FIFA label. However, this is probably not a final decision in this regard, so there is no information about possible partner studios . If you want to equip to FIFA 22 (now € 21.99) with additional FIFA Points for FUT mode, you can buy suitable code cards.

Source: Grubbsnax

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