EA SPORTS FC rings strongly to replace FIFA 23 as a name of the popular soccer saga

Everything seems to indicate and, more and more clearly, that FIFA 23 will be the last game of the EA SPORTS saga that is called like this . The discrepancies between the videogame developer and the football organization, which asks much more money for the exploitation of the brand, seems to trigger a break after 25 years of relationship.

In the past month of October we told you that the study had registered the brand EA Sports FC , in a way in which the events that may arise after the completion of the contract that joins EA with FIFA, and It will conclude after the dispute of the Qatar World the next winter. FIFA 23 will come to stores before, so it will keep that name with almost total security, because they want to ensure the presence in the game of maximum competition at the selection level **, both in male and female category.

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Now, new information comes from the insider Jeff Grubb . I have to recognize that the affirmations of this Lord took them with tweezers, since he has a rather low success rate. But he is the one who has released the hare of an information that is Vox Populi for months, and as we have said, we already have ourselves in October.

He reaffirms that the plans of the publisher is to maintain the name of EA Sports Football Club , and that they do not rule out begin the promotion of the game already in the coming weeks. Although it does not make it clear if already with the new name, something that, personally seems not very feasible. Or as FIFA 23, which would be the logical taking into account the contract that is still valid.

For now, it also remains to be known if it will be a simple name change or this new movement will also take changes to your proposal, such as to be free-to-play with microtransractions , as has also been rumored lately. Although seeing that you always wash between the best-selling games, you may save this trick for when you have completely broken your relationships with FIFA.

It will be weird and we will continue to call it “FIFA”, probably. But, every time it seems more real the possibility of a change of name in one of the most emblematic sagas of sports video games.

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