Important for Pokemon Go, Ingress Prime and Pikmin Bloom

To make a game universe with universal character names from all Niantic Games, Say Pokémon Go, Ingress Prime and Pikmin Bloom, who want to introduce the responsible persons of Niantic the Niantic ID. They have already started in 2021 when it was possible to reserve their Niantic ID to players of the three AR games.

Now the web portal is accessible to the Niantic ID live and on the website of Nianticlabs . There you can create and manage a Niantic ID, call friends lists and customize your profile. But the Niantic ID is still important? Yes, probably already! Why, we will explain that.

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Conversion of all game profiles to Niantic ID

In the official press release on the Niantic blog is noted that the people of Pokémon Go and Co. want to facilitate the management of friendships about the games – the profiles will be unified during the year 2022. “In the coming months, the previous Niantic profile will be replaced by the profile in the web portal in our games,” it says there. And that means, in turn, that you will certainly want to move to Niantic ID in the coming months to secure your desired names.

Until the whole system of the Niantic ID but is rolled out and implemented, it will take a little bit. At the beginning, in the coming weeks, ie in spring 2022, the Wayfarer profiles are linked to the Niantic ID. If it should happen that you should change as a player of Pokémon Go, Ingress Prime and Pikmin Bloom irrefutably to the Niantic ID, then you will learn from us. Who wants to ensure, but just snaps his Niantic ID.

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