Warzone Weapon Trade Stations – Statement of the new features of Rebirth Island

If you are a fan of the smaller map of Call of Duty Warzone, Rebirth Island, it will be happy to hear that it will be subjected to comprehensive facelift in the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded Update. With the revision of Stronghold and the Prison Yard and adding a new dock poi on the south side of the island there is much, what you can look forward to. The reloaded update for Season 2 also introduces new Warzone arms holding stations on Rebirth Island – we have everything you need to know about it.

If you are wondering what a Warzone Arms Trade Station is just about it, then you are not al1. This new feature will believe with the Rebirth Reinforced Event on March 23 after the release of Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded and players offer another fantastic opportunity to prevail against their opponents.

If you do not thrill that, let us explain why these new trading stations will give your game a new dynamics when published. Read on to learn more about what you mean and where you should find it.

Warzone arms holding stations

Here you will find everything you need to know about the new Warzone Wear Trade Stations Arrival on Rebirth Island during Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded and the Rebirth Reinforced Event.

Warzone arms holding stations explained

However, details about the new Weapon Trade Stations Warzone are Bright Call of Duty Blog has shared the following statement that explains the concept:

“Arms holding stations enable an operator to give its weapon against a smaller quality plus additional items, depending on the rarity of the original weapon. These items can include cash, equipment, armaments bags, self-undercouragement kits, killstreaks… or even a specialist token. “

Warzones Rebirth Island passes through changes, and we are there. New hot drops are on us ????

Discover new Pois, three revised modes and of course new challenges with even larger rewards ???? ???? ???? pic.twitter.com/eall1G3BBs

  • Call of Duty (@Callofduty) 21. March 2022

Arms holding stations are unlocked on Rebirth Island during the Rebirth Reinforced Events when the Warzone community achieves enough kills on the island.

If you are wondering what you can actually receive from the new Warzone arms retail stations, Raven has notified software, which this new feature will offer players at startup.

If you exchange an ordinary rare weapon…

  • Another random rare weapon with a full magazine and without additional ammo.

If you exchange an unusually rare weapon…

  • A random rare weapon with a full magazine.
  • A random fatal equipment.
  • A random tactical equipment.

If you exchange a rare rarity weapon (or a melee weapon)…

  • A random rare weapon with a full magazine.
  • Armor Satchel Rare Field Upgrade.
  • Gas ​​mask.

If you exchange an epic rare weapon…

  • A random rare weapon with a full magazine and two additional ammunition magazines.
  • Kit for self-revival.
  • 500 or 800 dollars.
  • Armor Satchel Rare Field Upgrade or Epic Killstreak or Epic Field Upgrade.

If you exchange a legendary, ultra or heroic rarity weapon…

  • A random rare weapon with a full magazine and two additional ammunition magazines.
  • 800 or 1200 dollars.
  • A legendary killstreak, for example, a Precision Airstrike.
  • A legendary Field Upgrade, for example Nebula V Rounds, or in rare cases a specialist token.
  • A random fatal or tactical equipment.

If you want to exchange your custom PC player 24 weapon, you will receive another trade from a weapon retail station “depending on the number of attachments you equipped”, according to Call of Duty blog post.

Locations of the Warzone Arms Trade Stations

At the moment there is no information about the exact location of the new Weapon Weapon Trade Stations on Rebirth Island.

An image in the Call of Duty Blog shows a weapon retail station located directly outside the redesigned prison station. However, there is no information about how many arm holding stations will be available after the update to Rebirth Island.

In the same call of duty blog post referred to above, Beenox has shared the following statement:

“If you come to Rebirth Reinforced, the arms retail stations offer an incredible value for every weapon, including those from the ground, which may not meet their rarity. Although its fixed location represents an inherent risk, visit these stations during a game to cover at the expense of a weapon exchange with cash and inventories. “

This suggests that there are specified places where arm holding stations appear in contrast to a purchase station in each game.

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We will update this guide with further information and explanations as soon as it is available.

Well, that’s all you have to know about the new Warzone arms retail stations that come with the reloaded update of Season 2 on Rebirth Island. Will these change the way players use the best Warzone weapons? We are not so sure, but it could be a quick way to get your best warzone loadouts in a game in your hands.

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