Swirls due to Lewandowski: Kahn Known Matthew

How long can the FC Bayern still count on the gates of Robert Lewandowski? The contract of the 33-year-old striker is still valid until 2023, the question of the “afterwards” but already ensures swirls at the Säbener Straße.

Because Lothar Matthew had criticized the handling of Bayern bosses with Lewandowski Harsch on Wednesday, Oliver Kahn now countered. “Lothar has never led a club after his player and coach career. Unfortunately, he interprets his role as a good football surge last more and more than headline supplier,” says the executive board of executive “Münchner Merkur” and “Tz”. “He would be well advised not to talk about topics for which every inner view is missing.”

Robert Lewandowski, Gerd Müller'in gol rekorunu kırdı! İşte o anlar... (Gol videosu)

Lewandowski consultant: “There was no contact with FC Bayern yet”

BACKGROUND OF MATTHÄUS ‘criticism is the fact that Bayern responsible persons have not included talks with the Lewandowski party so far. “There was no contact with FC Bavaria,” said Lewandowski’s counselor Pini Zahavi on Tuesday afternoon opposite the Lewandowski.

“If you have not contacted with Lewandowski’s side until now, I find that disrespectfully,” Matthew had said the “sports picture”. “That would have been unthinkable under Uli Hoeneß or Kalle Rummenigge. One would have certainly talked to each other! And even if it had been about the explanation that one has to wait for the economically difficult situation. But the player knew what he knew is. The interpersonal is no longer as available as before! “

The fact that Lewandowski is bound just like Thomas Müller and Manuel New only until 2023, Kahn continues to lie. “What the talks are concerned, I am very relaxed. We can not put pressure on the outside.” The aim is to win the Champions League every season. “These include other targeted reinforcements of our team as well as contract calls with our players.”

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