Crusader Kings III crosses the course of two million sales

Paradox Interactive may be down form, impossible to reproach anything in Crusader Kings III, which has just passed the 2 million copies sold. An impressive conclusion for a strategy game, which is more offered in the game pass subscription.

Crusader Kings III - 2 Million Copies Sold means I should have that many viewers right?
Released in September 2020, Crusader Kings III is therefore a real success with two million copies sold a year and a half after its exit and only a few days before making its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, March 29, thanks to a portage signed Lab42 Studios. Another impressive statistic that testifies to the commitment of the Paradox Community, the Royal Court Exit release last month would have already exceeded the million sales despite its price of 30 euros.

“_Deux millions is an extremely important step for the Crusader Kings team. This shows all the confidence of the community, and we are delighted that our game meets such a success. It’s a good thing for us of course, but also for strategy games in general, in my opinion. We have great ideas for the future of Crusader Kings III, and it’s nice to know that many people will continue to accompany us on this trip “, comments on the director Alex Oltner.

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