Elden Ring will expand “Beyond the Kingdom of Games” says creators

It seems that there is much more Anillo de Elden on the way, but not only in the form of games. Anillo de Elden has been a great success for fromSoftware, getting incredible revision scores and attract a general audience. It seems that the developer’s change to an open world environment and the use of the acclaimed author George RR Martin has helped the success of the game enormously. The genus Souls has previously been a niche because of its immense difficulty, but that did not prevent millions of people to cling to it. Anillo de Elden. Somehow, Elden Ring even managed to sell more than the sequelae of historical franchises such as forbidden west_ and luz dying 2.

After selling more than 12 million copies of Elden Ring __ in less than a month, confirmed fromSoftware that will establish the acclaimed title as a new franchise. Not only does everything do it, but it confirms an elden_an, the sequel is probably in process, but it seems that fromSoftware has even larger plans. In a press release, fromSoftware confirmed that he hopes to expand “beyond the real of the games”. It seems that fromSoftware plans to rotate Anillo de Elden on a television program, a movie, a comic or even all the above. Although he did not announce his specific plans, more news is likely to be expected in the coming months. You can read the full appointment below.

“Wait for more than ‘Elden Ring’ as IP (characters and other intellectual property) hoping to expand beyond the scope of games.”

It is not surprising that fromsoftware wants to expand the world of anillo from Elden out of the games. Not only keeps the fanatics interested, but also attracts a new audience that may not be interested in the series due to their difficulty. Since the developer requested the help of the creator of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, to develop the story of anillo de Elden, it would be a waste, not seeing that built in other media. The promise of the most anillo de Elden should also excite fans because Belodborne beloved never had a sequel despite his success.

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