Premier League | Manchester United and Ralf Rangnick: Everything just a misunderstanding?

With the commitment of Ralf Rangnick as an interim trainer, the chronically excited Premier League Gigant Manchester United finally wanted to come back in quieter fairway. So far, however, the German did not succeed in stabilizing the Red Devils. The most recent low was the miserable Stadderby, after which it hailed criticism from all directions. Is the liaison between the former Schalke coach and the English record champion a single misunderstanding?

Ralf Rangnick stood the disillusionment written in the face. The team manager had to admit for a memorable Derby debacle, which no one likes to join in Manchester United: the team is miles away from the top.

“It was a difficult game that has shown how big the distance to you is straight,” Gasting Rangnick after the bitter 1: 4 (1: 2) at leaders Manchester City.

They were alarming words that can be found. The minimum destination Champions League qualification, the rangnoon must reach in its remaining two and a half months as an interim coach, is highest risk in this form. This also left TV expert Roy Keane no doubt.

“United has given up, and that’s especially in a derby, but in every game, unforgivable,” said the club icon at “Sky Manchester Uniteds” and called the appearance of some players “shameful”. These, asked the IRE to call without name, “should no longer play for United”.

Critics shoot on rangnique

Little surprisingly, the headlines were devastating the next morning. “Damned United”, which cursed United, titled the “Daily Telegraph”. The “Daily Express” saw “Sad United in pieces torn”.

The starting position for the decisive weeks is tricky. United, as a league fifth, has only one counter behind the royal class, but three games more completed as the fourth FC Arsenal.

In the Champions League, the Red Devils, who brought a 1-1 in the second round leg at Atlético Madrid, also a 1-1, but also a title chance – even if that will continue. Otherwise, Ex-BVB star Jadon Sancho and his colleagues are out of all cups.

Custom picture: CR7 and Co. sneak disappointed from the square

Paradox is that Rangnick’s balance sheet is not so shocking in its 14 league games (seven victories, five draws and two defeats), as it suggests the general large weather situation.

Unnecessary Remis against basement teams like Burnley or Watford, however, repeated critics on the plan, which is why it should be excluded that the Rangnick scheduled as a consultant may train the team beyond summer.

Turning around Cristiano Ronaldo

On top of that, the supposedly poor mood within the team is often great media topic. The Cristiano Ronaldo returned in the summer is difficult with its 37 years in the running-intensive rangnail system and achieved only three goals among him.

Ralf Rangnick admits he doesn't know if Cristiano Ronaldo is happy at Manchester United

Against City lacked the Routinian, which surprised quite surprised. Rangnick explained it with a violation of the hip boss. Keane donated this narrative.

“At Ronaldo, more seems to be behind,” said the 50-year-old. The talk about an alleged blade in Ronaldo results for him “no sense”.

Among other things, “The Athletic” reported, CR7 was still flown before Derby in his Portuguese homeland, which should have taken care of in the team for amazement.

More: Next Eklat around Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

The “Sun” therefore refers to the 37-year-old as the current main driver behind the poor mood at United. Ronaldo heat the tense atmosphere even further, says.

Problem: So far, Rangnick has not found the right approach to reconstruct the regularly proceeding superstar. The constant restlessness for World Champion Paul Pogba has also remained.

Many construction sites, barely solutions

Before United on Saturday night receives the direct competitor Tottenham Hotspur in Old Trafford (from 18:30 in the live ticker), Rangnick must have many critical questions left.

Where is the footballing development? Why are so many players currently dissatisfied (u. A. Equestrian Marcus Rashford)? And why are the cross drivers with their divithe behavior again and again uncompressed?

A lot of time to find answers, Ralf Rangnick no longer has. At the moment there is a lot for his short time as a coach of Manchester United ends as a great misunderstanding.

Heiko Lükehus (with “AFP” material)

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