What is a cube in Lost Ark?

Like most other things in Lost Ark, the best items and content appear after you reach the final stage of the game at 50. cubic is no exception, since it consists of a single or group dungeon in which you encounter with Various tests for a limited time.

Each of these tasks is consistent with the color in accordance with the following:

  • White (Mobbing) is the easiest stage that requires only murder of weak mobs.
  • Red (boss) – you need to kill the boss.
    Blue (survival) – generates enemies that explode when other mobs are attacked.
  • Gold (condition) – requires that you simply collect prey.
  • Purple (elites) – It is required that you kill every elite enemy.

In Cuba, only 19 floors, each of which is changing as passing. If you or your group will die during the passage of this dungeon, you will receive awards depending on what floor you stopped. You can log in to the cube by completing guidebook: cube Quest and receipt entrance ticket to cube using Siletel crystals .

You will need at least one ticket every time you enter the cube, but the use of several will increase your awards.

Lost Ark Cube Dungeon Explained | What Is The Cube in Lost Ark Endgame?
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