This is how it goes in the second episode of Star Trek Picard in the new season

Subscribers from Prime Video can now look at the second episode of the second season of ** Star Trek Picard . The new episode is always published on Fridays. After we have kept you up to date on the events of the SCI-Fi series last week, we will introduce you today the most important moments the new episode. Spoiler warning! **

q changed the past with dramatic consequences

At the start of the episode, it goes directly to the meeting between q and Jean-Luc Picard , which has already thought at the end of the first episode. However, Q is not that way as one knew it from his former version. In a parallel universe, however, the crew of Picard is not. Instead, the characters are theoretically still those who have known fans so far. Your role in the galaxy has changed completely.

Picard is suddenly a bloodthirsty general

Q has made a change in the past , which affects so much on the current time beam, which will see Jean-Luc Picard in a very unfamiliar position. He is a ruler of an entire galaxy and goes to the hunt for all those who sit down in his way. Among other things, there is a shocking trophy room to see where fans of Star Trek probably recognize one or the other figure.

Star Trek Picard Season 2 Episode 2 BEST SCENE – Q

What does Q have with the crew?

It is still unclear why Q intervened in the past. The other members of the crew wake up in their “new life” . Seven of Nine was in the alternative timeline, for example, never part of the Borg and was instead President the Confederation of the Earth. After all, the crew remembers her earlier me and is looking for a way as you can meet to find a way back into the real reality .

United with the Borg Queen

Picard and his crew are only with the help of the Borg Queen , which should actually have become the next victim of the bloodthirsty general. Instead, Picard helps the Queen to escape and saves himself to the La Sirena with his people. The regime, however, gets it and storms the ship. With a firefight Elnor is hit hard. As it goes on, we will only learn on March 18, 2022.

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