ELDEN RING MOUNTAINTOPS OF THE GIANTS CARD: Locations of the Eastern and West Mountains

If you read this, you probably have beaten Morgott, the omno king in Elden Ring, so congratulations! But beyond Leyndell, she expects even more: the wide winter landscapes mountain peaks of the giant . This area is pretty big, but there is a lot to find a lot, and during the first part of the card can be found reasonably, the second is a tedious affair. Continue reading for our guide to the Eastern and Western mountain tips card fragments in Elden Ring!

ELDEN RING MOUNTAINTOPS OF THE GIANTS CARD: Eastern and Western MountainTops card fragments

To achieve this area, you need to go up Large elevator of Rold by Leyndell, and if you have done that, go down the path to discover the Card Fragment West MountainTops . Just right? Be sure to use the page of the grace of the Zamor ruins. The rest of the journey is quite long to get the east fragment, so get on torrent and prepare for a wild ride.

Elden Ring | All Map Fragments Location Part II (Mountaintops of The Giants & Consecrated Snowfield)

Step 1: Through the ruins

Go southwest through the ruins, then turn off to the north and go uphill to a rocky opening what leads to some fires. Drive straight past this, over a very narrow bridge over the abyss. They will encounter a huge giant, the arrows shoots them, so go between the shots in cover to get over. On the other hand, right after they have crossed, there is a slope that leads to the site of grace of the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins. Use it to return to here.

Step 2: Past giants and snowstorms

Drive to northeast through to a clearing, walking around on the giant until you reach an increased area with a slope on the left, where you can ride to a frozen lake . After this point, they lose the view on due to strong wind and snow continues to the southeast **, directly behind Borealis, the freezing fog, a dragon that appears halfway. Stay on Torrent and you will get through the blizzard to the first church of Marika, so you will definitely use this place of grace.

Step 3: One last bridge

Ride from the church of Marika to the west to reach a plateau, and you will see a ghost source jump point , use it to get up and you will be an Evergaol site and a places of grace at the bottom of the west discover. From this place of grace, riding directly through the enemy camp to a huge chain. Cross this chain to the place of grace of the Giant ‘Gravepost and finally to your card fragment of East MountainTops .

It can not be emphasized enough that you should activate all sites of grace on your way, because the loss of progress in the search for this card fragment is painful. But after completion, they have mapped this beautiful region of Lands Between and can now plan their travels. And if you have difficulties in case of doubt, recognize where the fragment should be, look for the small post symbol on your map.

Thus, our guide to the topic is completed Eastern and western mountain tips card fragments in Elden Ring! Be sure to look at our other leaders, like the cards of the different parts of the Altus Plateau and its adjacent areas in the East and West.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S.

  • This article was updated on 8 March 2022

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