Smile Gate, North American Newborn Developer Post Card Game Studio

The Smile Gate said that North America’s new developer ‘postcard game studio (Postcard Game Studio (Postcard Game Studio, or less post card) has been said to have a strategic investment of about $ 3.5 million (Hanwha approximately 4.2 billion won). Post cards are a new development company that has been established in January this year, which has accumulated years of experience in the game, such as Natotintun, Microsoft, Bureau, Square Enix, Blizzard, and Guerrilla Games,

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In particular, the founder of the post card is a Ray Almaden, who participated in the development of masterpieces that have not been forgotten for the game fans in a variety of global games in 17 years, 4 · 5, Uncharted 4, Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Forbidden West has a historical history. In addition to Ray Almaden, the 5-person fifth of the founding member is the veteran developers who have played a leader in large projects in Global Global Game.

Post card game studio plans to develop an open-world first-person shooter RPG title based on the development capabilities of many years. The new work is a novel concept called the Heroes Worldview based on the fantastic Science fiction, and users can see the journey to the curse with a fantastic directing that could arise with exclusive adventures and their employees with exciting NPCs It is expected to be.

The Smile Gate last year’s Global Star Developer Taylor Kurosaki (Taylor Kurosaki), and Jacob Minkoff, and Jacob Minkoff, and is a strategic investment of W1200bn in the NO MOON. Up to the global promising game company, we are making excavation and investment.

The Smile Gate, which has already been successful in the global market, such as ‘Lost Arc’ and ‘Crossfire’, and a success myth in the global market is a self-definition, which is continuously loved by global users with active investment in overseas local developers. It is a present and plans to spur further on challenges towards the global game market.

Summy Gate Mega Lap, who is excavating global developers to challenge ‘Goty’, said, “Representative Raya Maden, who is leading the post card, “The Smile Gate will develop an IP that can be loved by the world’s game fans by constantly excavating and investing excellent domestic and foreign developers in the future.”

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